Wednesday, January 30, 2013

*cue Kim Possible theme* (PB)

I still want to be Kim. Not gonna lie.

Kim Possible was the best show on kid's television. This is something I will stand by til the day I die. It was the best show and then it didn't get renewed. Sigh. So it goes.

It was a kids' show with an actual plot line. The villains managed to stay consistent and have actual back-stories. 
For example, take Doctor Drakken. His back-story about going to college with Kim's dad was repeatedly brought up during several episodes. Shego's back-story was brought up in a miniseries, as well. 
Dr. Drakken, looking evil, as always

All of the villains had dimensions. I don't think I could find a TV show today (other than Adventure Time) with villains that aren't cookie-cutter evil.

I miss Kim and Ron's adventures a lot. Sometimes I break out the old DVD's and spend a day rewatching them, reliving my elementary and middle school years when I could look forward to a new episode once a week. 

I can't believe it only plays at 2 and 3 AM now. That show deserves a reboot. Everything about it was my favorite. The animation was stunning, and the signs outside of the high school were always hysterical. 

The characters were realistic, the banter was witty, and the relationships seemed possible.

Someone bring this show back, PLEASE.


  1. I like how even though you were expressing your love for this show, you still ended up analyzing the literary features...some good thoughts about archetypes, characterization, and story arcs!

    1. You have taught me well. Plus, even when I was a kid, I knew Kim was breaking the whole teenager stereotype even while she was acting like a teenager.

      MAN I miss this show.

  2. Maura, I loved this show SO much. Ron Stoppable, Wade...and that episode where they showed Shego and her brothers as Team Go, which was amazingly fantastic, and that one where she travels back in time and to the future...such a great show. But I think you're right about Kim Possible being different. I always thought that it was just another show, but I never noticed all the backstories. It was actually a really developed story, and I guess that's what made it so good. I loved this show, but I don't know if I'd want it back. I feel like it ended decently though, and it wouldn't seem right for it to come back again. Anyway, I really did enjoy this post.

  3. I just watched this show the other night on Disney Channel XD! Watching Kim Possible as a child was probably my first "fangirl" experience. I had my favorite characters, favorite ships, and favorite episodes. Like you said "the relationships were possible" or should i say KIM POSSIBLE (lol sorry for being cheesy but nice joke). This post makes me really nostalgic! I remember the episode where Dr. Drakken tried to brainwash people using a special shampoo (LATHER RINSE AND OBEY!). He was absolutely, without a doubt, the greatest cartoon villain of all time! Thanks for this post, it made my Wednesday much happier. :)

  4. I would love to see more Kim Possible episodes. I would love to see a live action Kim Possible. Heck, I would love to see a box set with ALL episodes.